EIWAA Marine Engineering Services CO LLC

EIWAA Marine Engineering Services CO LLC

LOOSE GEAR INSPECTION AND LIFTING EQUIPMENT INSPECTION SERVICES: EIWAA Marine has a team of experienced and highly qualified inspection engineers (LEEA) who can be mobilized internationally at short notice across the globe. We can provide inspection services on-board vessels, project sites and customer premises wherever required. Our inspection and testing services cover an extensive range of lifting equipment and associated accessories. We are providing the following services; • Load Testing and Inspection of Deck cranes, Davit systems, Davit Cranes, Overhead, and Mobile/Crawler Cranes. • Pull Test, Load test, Brake holding test & inspections of Anchor Winch, Towing Winch, Capstan and Anchor Windlass • Pull testing of anchor bolt in building industry. • Load Testing of gratings. • Load Testing of floors in a building. • Loose Gear Inspection / Lifting Tackles & Lifting Accessories Inspections and Certification • Load Testing and Inspection of Slings, Shackles, Chain Block and Hoist etc. • Load Testing and Certification of Forklifts. • Load Testing and Inspection of Offshore Crane and Barge Cranes • Load Testing and Certification of Offshore Basket, Personnel Transfer Basket/Billy Ploughs etc. • Wire rope Spooling and De Spooling of Winches, Cranes. & etc. • Changing of wire ropes in a cranes and winches. • Towing Gear Assembly Inspection and Bollard pull Test • Load Testing Inspection and certification of Spreader Beam and Lifting Beams • Load Testing and Inspection of DNV 2.7-1 Containers and Provision of Slings • Load Testing and Inspection of Pad Eye Testing (By Portable Pad eye tester up to 120T). • Pad eye Load testing and certification by a portable pad eye tester in barges, ships, civil structures etc. • Pull Testing/Load Testing and certification of Lashing Hooks, Anchor Bolt, Bracket, Hooks, and Clamps etc. Supplying Requirements: EIWAA can supply all types of lifting accessories to Suite any lifting or handling requirements; which include: • Loose Gears • Steel Wire Ropes • Safety Net • Cargo Net etc. For future enquiries, Please contact :- inspection@eiwaaconsultancy.com, info@eiwaaconsultancy.com; +97165622290, +971505990128,+971508370740 etc.

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