Request full time job - Experience from 3 to 5 years

CV Details:

Name: abdalla gamal abdelrahman
Gender: Male - Birth year: 1991
Marital status: Married
Phone: 00971582601683
Nationality: Egypt
Country of residence: Emirates
Contract Type: Full Time
Qualification: Diploma
Job Type: Undefined
Years of experience: 3 to 5 years
Driver's license: I donot have

Career objective:

أبحث عن العمل مصور فيديو
متواجد بدولة الامارات
تصوير الحفلات والمناسبات
Looking for work videographer
Is the UAE

Work Experience:

Shooting video
Dahab Company for Art Production
He joined the company Dahab Art Production
Photographer of the Assistant The camera is panasonic Model M3000
Gained experience more moved to work on camera Sony DCRSD1000E
Gained experience more moved to work on camera Sony DCR-SD1000E
I moved to work on the Sony camera HD1000E.
In late 2015, she moved to work on the latest
Sony camcorder HXR MC2500.To the beginning of
this year.Filming concerts, weddings, conferences and gained more


1- Ability to work effectively under time pressure and for long and extended hours
2- Ability to multitask
3- Diligence and dedication to work
4- A good memory and an eye for details
5- Ability to understand different kinds of people
6- Great sensitivity to the needs of others
7- A friendly, cheerful, and polite attitude
8- A strong passion to ensure customer satisfaction
9- Affordability addition.
- Computer work
Work on Photoshop program.
Work on Microsoft Office Word program.


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