Request full time job - Sales and Marketing - Experience from 6 to 10 years

CV Details:

Name: ايمن فليفل
Gender: Male - Birth year: 1990
Marital status: Married
Phone: 0545795494
Nationality: Egypt
Country of residence: Emirates
Contract Type: Full Time
Qualification: High School
Job Type: Sales and Marketing
Years of experience: 6 to 10 years
Driver's license: I have - Egypt

Career objective:

to work in company that presents challenged to enhance my knowledge and experiences with good position that offer opportunity of
advancement where i can SHOW all of my abilities and develop my skills .beat am player for the achievement
of organizational goals and its success obtain a position where my customer relations experience can
be fully utilized to improve customer satisfaction promote the company’s brand products and services

Academic Credentials and Training:

حاصل علي دبلومه ادارة الاعمال من mba


Language skills : Arabic English
 I have the skills of the driver driver’s license issued by Egypt from 2010 and international license
 organization calm ability to work under pressure and resourceful
 good team participant and able to work under pressure
 honest and dependable person
 Bear hard work
 always aim high for the highest standards of presentations
 unwavering commitment to customer service with the ability to build productive relationships resolve complex issues and win customer


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