SMS Service

Program features SMS messages
The SMS and effective way to reach customers directly, as you will get a free program to adjust your settings and set your subscription depending on the package that suits your needs, and easily you will create new groups and add the numbers of customers in any group that you created and will therefore write the message you want and click of a button may be sent to thousands of people. Instead of using traditional methods to send messages through your mobile phone.


The method of calculating the cost of messages

Messages amount

Cost per message



500 999 0.15 AED
1.000 9999 0.14 AED
10.000 49999 0.13 AED
50.000 99999 0.12 AED
100.000 199999 0.11 AED

To subscribe to SMS Service

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SMS packages

Aessages amount


500 75 AED
1.000 140 AED
3.000 420 AED
5.000 700 AED
10.000 1.300 AED
50.000 6.000 AED
100.000 11.000 AED

How to use SMS

Conditions Subscribe to Short Messages Sended SMS:

- You must have a user account in the UAE direction for advertising and shopping, please register (free) from here if you do not have an account from before.
- Must pay subscription fees to the amount of the selected messages from you, method of payment


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