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CV Details:

Gender: Male - Birth year: 1967
Marital status: Married
Phone: +447448576317
Nationality: Emirates
Country of residence: Emirates
Contract Type: Full Time
Qualification: Master
Job Type: Accounting and Finance  
Years of experience: 16 years and over
Driver's license: I have - Emirates

Career objective:

We have a complete product bouquet of all kind of financial requirements for your business & personal finance needs. Our qualified team of experts can analyze your financial requirements and design the customized financial solutions to match the correct financial institution / bank. We guarantee you the best service we can offer to meet you financial requirement.

Work Experience:

We are financial builders and we give out funds to everyone ranging from personal, commercial, business financial with our amounts ranging from min 2,000.00 to 1,000,000.00 with a fixed and very low interest rate of 3%. Do you want to own a company? Do you want to own a Home? Is Your Company having financial problem?

Academic Credentials and Training:

We offer the right solution to your financial needs.We stand apart from other lenders because we believe in customer service, and we stay with you until you get the results you want.In general we offer home finances,car finances,commercial finances,business finances,e.t.c, at lower interest rate of 3%. We provide our prospective customer long lasting financial solutions that helps their companies thrive and grow"and also help them to invest and clear you existing debts.


business finance, personal finance, finance and other finance needs

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