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It is time to keep up with modern technology, Because the start is with us no end Here we provide you with modern tools that it needs both the seller and buyer, which designed the site "guide companies Emirates Declaration and shopping" to fit the needs and key requirements for the era of the moment and which is a style contemporary to connect in our world and attract more investments through the promotion of investment opportunities in the UAE and beyond to keep pace behind the global development and to ensure the provision of time and effort in terms of marketing the products of merchants and disclosure of their business and shopping by consumers at the same time You are in the UAE companies directory location means success and growth, and will help you discover the prospects and new opportunities, new markets, new deals and new successes. The site is a modern system through which we can identify and communicate with the Corporate and watch the services and ads each company separately, and provides support to generate revenue, such as strengthening demand for these services, ads, and can be likened to the site market-mail continue to be a business (suppliers, companies, stores) officials and intermediaries and consumers, where he was for the services and ads in all clarity and transparency, are also buying and selling communion with the advertiser directly through the data included in all advertising and to choose the method that suits each person. On the other hand, I was keen site management to provide the needs of companies and visitors from the technical ease of navigation and access to any company in the Emirate of certain or specific area or access to a product or service in any field, in addition to providing a section for vacancies by the companies listed on the site Objectives of the site : 1. Be the first site in the eyes of businesses and consumers 2. The emergence of the name of the companies and to identify the services 3. Achieve the greatest opportunity of communication and trade between companies 4. Increase the income of companies 5. Away from the front companies and the formation of a safe mode for consumers 6. Save time and effort to the consumer 7. Opportunity for job seekers 8. Collect all the needs of the merchant and the consumer in one place   Our motto: your start with us has no end Wishing you spend good time with usSite Management Guide, Emirates Declaration and shopping