Company logo and its importance to consumers

Professional Designer 2010-12-04
Company logo and its importance to consumers

There are two types of logos

I: is the slogan which is usually designed by the advertising companies and advertising and call it (LOGO).

Should be on every business man or entrepreneur that makes him a special logo in their respective fields of trade, where is the logo is the starting point for each project, do not forget that the logo will appear in all publications or presentations offered by the company (business card, brochures, invoices, Linux, envelopes , cd casings, cans products, bags, banners, father Roll Stand, Banner, L HD, promotional gifts, and company profiles ... etc).

So the logo is of great importance, making it the most prominent features of the company as it is the user ID or the identity of the company and must be simple and easy

I am an owner company does not have to put a car logo because I'm a fan of cars, although a company buying and selling real estate, this is the biggest mistake by novice entrepreneurs.

II: is the slogan written and which we use for the purpose of selling a product or provide a particular service and put it in publications or marketing campaigns, for example: We are not the only ones, but the best, and call it (Slogan).

It is a short sentence shortcut taken by the company logo in marketing campaigns, and this slogan should be well thought out so as to achieve the desired goal


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